Saturday, November 5, 2011

Addison, Texas

This nice stand of Bois d'arcs, was found near the Addison Airport. These are located just west of the old Frankford community, where W.C. McKamy settled in 1852.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Enloe, Texas Community Center

During the 2011 Enloe Homecoming, the Bois d'arc located at the Enloe Community Center was put to use by these young Bois d'arc aficionados.

Also, during the Enloe Homecoming, the Enloe Museum featured guest Dr. Fred Tarpley, who displayed some of the works from Jerry Lytle.  The Bois d'arc artwork was exhibited at the Enloe Museum, as part of the Bois d'arc Kingdom organization promotion.

Bird's Fort Trail

As the Bird's Fort Trail followed Farmers Branch Creek toward Grape Vine Prairie, remnants of settlements are scattered along the current waterway near current day Farmers Branch.  A few selected Bois d'arc trees were spared the saw, and remain along with a few signs of a fence row along the creek.

Peter's Colony 1841

Bird's Fort Trail carried settlers from Ft. Inglish in Bonham to Bird's Fort near Irving, and traversed Peter's Colony from 1842-1849.  The trail intersected Preston Trail, near the current day Preston Road, near the Addison area.  The trail traveled along a creek to current day Farmers Branch, from the Preston Road crossing.  It is along this creek, that my assistant and I discovered a scattering of Bois d'arc trees, amid the modern buildings.  As the hustle and bustle of big city life carried on around us, we stopped for these photos.

Bois d'arc Branches

This site is a sister blog to the Enloe Museum site, and will be used to 'branch' our research of the Bois d'arc.
Found on this site, will be photos and information regarding Bois d'arc specimens from around the state, not limited to the Enloe and Delta County areas.